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New G5 preservative free

The G5® without preservatives in 500 ml bottles contains the same formulation as the G5® liquid currently available, but without any preservatives. Following increased demand from G5® users to use the most natural Organic Silicon possible, the LLR-G5 laboratory in Ireland has managed to develop a formula which not only has an adequate pH free of any stabilisers, but is also free of preservatives.

papy mamy sur dos

After more than 3 years of intensive research by internationally renowned scientists, "Preservative-free G5® Organic Silicon" is now available from Bioticas.

Stability and purity tests based on internal and external protocols, all conforming to European standards, have been developed to guarantee the safety of the "Preservative-free G5® " to end users.
Product lifetime tests were taken into consideration at each stage of developing the "Preservative-free G5®" in accordance with directives on good practice.

The preceding results were achieved through:

Accelerated and regular stability tests. Long-term microbiological tests. Long-term stability tests of the organic silicon in different environmental conditions.

Composition :

Potassium Phosphate

Presentation of MMST molecule (Monomethyl silane triol) surrounded by water

thanks to its unique configuration, this MMST molecule can infiltrate in the liquide environment of the body.

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