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10 tips to preserve your joints.

Whether prevent joint problems if you are healthy or decrease pain if you have osteoarthritis, here are 10 tips from research.


A joint that moves is a less stiff joint. Whether you are at work, lying reading, sitting in front of TV, often change position, get up from your chair regularly and walk, move your arms, you stretch.

Lose a few kilos

The extra kilos put additional load on the joints, increasing the risk of damaging the cartilage. In addition, excess body fat gives rise to inflammatory substances that can aggravate joint pain. Abdominal fat in particular, is a source of proinflammatory cytokines.

No stretching before exercise

Experts advise against stretch before exercise: it causes muscle contraction, which increases the risk of tearing. In people who suffer from osteoarthritis, stretching before exercise makes them more susceptible to joint injury. Instead, there are specific movements of each physical activity, for example, uncheck kicking into space before swimming; it warms the muscles and relaxes the joints.

Non traumatic exercises

Prevention of joint disorders, the best exercises are those who exercise less stress and impact on the joint, such as swimming, cycling, strength training with light weights.

To smooth muscle

Strong muscles around the joint guarantee it will be better preserved. Conversely, studies show that people who have weak quadriceps have more risk of developing knee osteoarthritis. Even a small increase in muscle strength resulting in a profit. The weight is preferably on machines, with light weight and slow movements.

Loose and complete movements

The joints must be mobilized in all their amplitude to prevent them stiffen. If you have osteoarthritis, your physical therapist will tell you of daily movements to perform.
Strengthen your abdominal and back belt
Stronger abdominal improve the overall balance, which reduces the risk of joint damage of all kinds. To adopt exercises, effective, non traumatic ,.

Practice good posture

Stand up straight, you are sitting or standing. Good posture protects your joints from head to foot. Walking contributes to good posture if it is fast. Swimming also helps to good posture.
Sensitive joints? Use ice
Ice is a free and natural analgesic. It decreases pain and swelling. If your joints make you suffer, apply ice in a cloth for 20 minutes (no ice in direct contact with the skin). A bag of frozen vegetables may also do the trick!

Eat fish

Fatty fish fat brings the Omega-3 family (EPA and DHA) which have anti-inflammatory properties. Interesting fish include mackerel, herring, sardines, salmon, prepare poached, steamed or marinade to avoid aggressive firings that alter these fatty acids. We also find these good fats in crustaceans and shellfish. Another option is the taking fish oil capsules or fatty acids of vegetable origin. Omega 3 Magnum

Limit sunflower and corn oils

These oils provide excess fat from the Omega-6 family that promote inflammation. We need this family of fatty acids, but without excess. These oils can be replaced by rapeseed oil, more balanced (for seasoning) and olive oil (for seasoning and cooking), or an omega-3 highly oil as the mixture cameline- rape-olive.

More spices in your kitchen

Ginger and turmeric might decrease joint inflammation processes. Use loose in the kitchen (or in the form of dietary supplement capsules) to put the odds on your side.

Nutritional supplements against joint pain

Glucosamine sulfate and other substances such as S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), but also plants like harpagophytum or cat's claw can improve joint pain of osteoarthritis. All studies do not show that, but it exists for these substances promising data that may justify trying them.

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