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Did you know?

Ten ''tips'' stuff in your body when you sleep.

While you sleep, your body is full of strange things behind your back. Do not panic: this is normal. But when you read this, you do not lie down as before.

1. Your muscles are temporarily paralyzed


This is worrying but that is indeed what happens: your muscles are disconnected from your brain. But it is a very good thing! This is what prevents you from take action when you're dreaming.


2. Your eyes skip


During the sleep phase called "paradoxical", which is the phase where you dream, your eyes roll in all directions. This is called "rapid eye movement", or Rapid Eye Movement (REM) in English.


It is thought that these movements accompany the storage work being done during REM sleep, but researchers do not know what is the point exactly. Sometimes the movements are directly related to the content of the dream, if you dream tennis, for example, your eyes will go from right to left as if following the ball.


In the blind, this phenomenon does not exist: instead of moving the eyes, they make sounds and body movements.


3. You grow


You will not necessarily become professional basketball player when you wake up but it's a fact, you grow when you sleep. Cartilage discs between your vertebrae are act as cushions they rehydrate and swell at night because the weight of your body no longer a burden.

To maximize the effects, sleep on your side in a fetal position: the position that minimizes the weight on your back.


4. Your blood pressure drops


When you are lying down, the heart does not have to pump as hard to return your blood from your toes to your brain. It slows down, your arteries relax and blood pressure drop, giving time to your cardiovascular system to relax.


People suffering from hypertension should, more than others, be sure to get enough sleep. This reduces their risk of heart attack.


5. Brutal jolt


When you fall asleep, you may suddenly startle you. This is normal: 70% of people know this. These bursts can be generalized or touch only the legs and is often accompanied by a sensation of falling, or loss of balance, sometimes a cry.


In rare cases they are disabling, but most of the time they are quite normal. Doctors call this the "sleep myoclonus."


By cons, if you like to snuggle up in the arms of your spouse to fall asleep, make sure you rule out a fair bit before sinking, not to wake up each other.


6. We are also "farts"

People do not like me to talk about this, but the fact is that the sphincter relaxes at night, increasing the risk of gas escaping.

Fortunately, the sense of smell - and that especially your spouse - is greatly reduced during sleep. This is also why the fire alarms were invented: the smell of burned unlikely to wake you when you sleep.


7. Your skin rejuvenates


Have you taken recently in your arms a little child who wakes up after "around the clock" (slept 12 hours)?


The skin on his face is very soft, warm, a beautiful peach color, well irrigated.


When you sleep, you are fasting, and your body produces growth hormone to control your fat cells (adipocytes) release fat for use as energy to your body. But the growth hormone also stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that forms the frame of bone, blood vessels and skin.


A good night's sleep has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Conversely, a bad night and even a sleepless night gave drawn, old.


Now you know why.


8. Your temperature drops


Just before you sleep, your body temperature drops, triggering the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone that regulates your body clock (circadian cycle).


Your temperature is lowest at around 2 pm 30 am. It is usually at this time there trying to steal some coverage to your spouse.


9. Sexual arousal

Both men and women experience episodes of sexual arousal during REM sleep stages, and it has nothing to do with the evocative dreams.

The brain is more active during this phase, which is when he dreams, which increases the need for oxygen and thus blood flow in the brain, but also in the rest of the body.


Causing unwanted swelling.


10. What kind of sleeper are you?

There are the "bed early" and "late risers".


There are those who are always in shape despite the short nights, and those who are always tired in spite of the long nights.


Basically, there is only this last category that is the problem. If you sleep badly and you are tired the day, it is certainly unfortunate, but not surprising.


To your health !


Thank's to Jean-Marc Dupuis

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