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Did you know?

Mass market, big scam !

Legal proceedings have been initiated Monday, February 2, 2015 against the four largest distributors of nutritional supplements in the United States: Walmart, Walgreen's, Target, which are supermarket chains, and GNC, a chain specializing in the distribution of nutritional products.

These four channels are accused of fraud and misleading consumers.

Indeed, the authorities have tested their best selling nutritional supplements. They are perceived as 4 to 5 products did not contain any trace of medicinal plants and nutrients listed on the label. [1]

In most cases, pills and capsules contained only rice powder and vegetables (carrots, peas, etc.)

In addition, some products claimed to contain no wheat gluten, as they contain wheat and gluten.

Worse, some contain toxins that can cause liver problems and severe kidney and potentially fatal.

The biggest chains US

This new will probably surprise many consumers.

But I hope it does not surprise you. As a reader Nature Health Innovation, I put you regularly warn against the poor quality of dietary supplements distributed to chain stores, and even in pharmacies.

Many only contain nutrients in quantities too small to have any effect. Sometimes it is only snake oil.

But the most shocking is that these are food supplements, under-dosed, synthetics, when they are not toxic, which are used for most "scientific studies" conducted very formally.

Thus wasting research budgets to study the products that can not be effective. It misleads the public with poor quality studies of poor quality products. And then triumphantly announced that food supplements are useless!

The magnitude of the scam

All the details of the case are published in the columns of the New York Times.

The CNG chain is located in the galleries of all major shopping centers. Millions of Americans trust them, especially buy house brand "Herbal Plus".

Analyzes, capsules Ginkgo biloba "Herbal Plus" for energy and memory, do not contain any trace of Ginkgo.

They contain rice, asparagus ... and the Christmas tree (spruce) powdered !!

In the Target supermarkets, the equivalent of Casino in France, six products from the popular brand "Up and up" were tested. Half of them, Ginkgo Biloba, St. John's wort and valerian, contained no plants on the label.

At Walgreens pharmacy chain (drugstores), brand "Finest Nutrition" ("the best nutrition") does not contain any trace of any of the ingredients listed on the labels. Even their garlic capsules do not contain garlic.

Walmart finally (Walmart is the equivalent of Carrefour), same story: no trace of Gingko Biloba Ginkgo biloba in their product or in their product's wort wort, ginseng or ginseng or echinacea echinacea in . Only garlic food supplement contained sometimes a little garlic.

If you read English, you can read here the letter from Justice to these distributors, requiring them to remove these fraudulent products immediately from their shelves and asking for explanations. [1]

An even greater scandal

I never liked supermarkets. I try to avoid them as much as possible. I am shocked that they have done to our landscape. But I am even more collapsed that people will buy their food in the dark.

What do they know the real origin of their meat, fish, their fruit and vegetables?

Now we also measures what the supermarkets are able to products for which it is not easy to judge the quality to the naked eye. How to know what there is exactly one capsule or tablet?

But the biggest scandal is still elsewhere.

For 10 years, the European Union has entrusted EFSA, an agency with considerable means, the responsibility for ensuring the safety and compliance of dietary supplements sold in the market.

The goal is to protect consumers, ensuring them that food supplements contain ... and do not contain.

Instead, EFSA is primarily concerned harass businesses that try to explain to consumers what are their products.

It prohibits most "therapeutic claims". It is for example able to sue a company that would explain that vitamin D reduces the risk of cancer, while dozens of studies point in that direction.

Because of the EFSA, citizens no longer have the right to know the truth about the scientific studies on the products they buy.

This is why your dietary supplements boxes are nothing more than vague statements like, "well being", "energy", "joint health", "heart" ...

Tell you more is punishable by law.

It is outrageous and banish transparent information for consumers. This is a serious infringement of the right to health.

EFSA's role should be to assure consumers that the content of the products they purchase corresponds to what is there on the label. Not to say whether they are good or not, because they do not know anything. Only scientific studies can tell, and research is advanced permanently, much faster than EU bureaucracy can follow.

She manages to go over a few dozen products a year, while there are potentially tens of thousands.

In terms of supplements, so you do not have a choice. Avoid supermarkets, chain stores. Beware of promotions, incredibly cheap products. They are necessarily cheap.

Only going by manufacturers that offer guarantees of reliability. I mention it regularly Nature Health Innovation. Use of our work.

Thank you to Jean-Marc Dupuis for the clarification;-)

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