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Easy light therapy with '' Luminette® ''

More practical ! Luminette allows you to undertake your daily light therapy session without having to sit in front of a glaring lamp. However busy you are, you can enjoy a fully effective session while carrying out your day as normal.

more practical


Using Luminette leaves you completely free to:

• Make breakfast
• Read
• Watch TV
• Work at your computer
• Do light physical activity (walking, stationary bike)

Plus, you do not need to remove your glasses or contact lenses.

The following activities, however, are not recommended:

• Taking a shower or bath
• Driving
• Heavy physical activity (i.e.running…)


more effective


Optical qualities:

Thanks to the concentration optical device fixed on the head, light losses are low compared to stationary lamps. That’s why a lighting of 2,500 lux is enough with Luminette

Spectral characteristics

Dominance of blue photons, which are the most energetic and the most efficient. This wavelength (468 nm) corresponds to a 100% suspension of melatonin secretion. Recent research shows that, as far as the retinal receptors are concerned, the effect is maximal so that a shorter treatment time is possible.Moreover, Luminette does not emit UV



Sitting 30cm away from the glare of a 10,000-lux lamp can be hard on the eyes. This is due to two phenomena: the light is very high-intensity, hitting the entire retina, including the part responsible for vision. The light the eye receives from Luminette is four times weaker than light from traditional lamps and is concentrated to light only the lower part of the retina, the part which is not responsible for vision. Luminette has less glare, and treatment is markedly more bearable. Our customers tell us they look forward to their daily session.

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