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Swallow multivitamins make smarter, according to British researchers

Taking daily supplements of multivitamins can improve cognitive performance (concentration, memory, alertness ...) both children and adults, according to British researchers.

In a series of articles published in The British Journal of Nutrition, Psychopharmacology, and Human Psychopharmacology, teams of British neuroscientists have studied the effects of multivitamin supplements on morale, stress levels and cognitive function.

Although the investigations are over four to twelve weeks, the effects are actually manifested in the first weeks:

  • men taking vitamin B complex show an increase in their cognitive performance are less tired mentally, and have more force;
  • women taking supplements of vitamins and minerals exhibit greater precision and greater speed to perform multiple tasks;
  • children 8 to 14 years show a greater ability to concentrate.

Inequalities vitamins

Nutritional studies in industrialized countries show that a majority of the population suffers from vitamin deficiencies, and in most categories.

The error, widely spread by the official teaching of medicine, is to believe that we have enough vitamin D as we do not suffer from rickets, and we have enough vitamin C so that n 'not get scurvy.

Nothing could be more wrong. In reality, these diseases are only the most extreme manifestations of a vitamin deficiency.

Well before the appearance of these terrible diseases, your body and your mind cease to function optimally. According to Professor David Kennedy of the University of Northumbria, "the optimal level of vitamins is well above the level that helps prevent disease."

Many diseases can be prevented or cured with better intakes of essential nutrients.

This is why a diet rich in fresh produce, complemented by a healthy lifestyle (regular exercise, outdoor activities, social activities) and taking supplements of minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids help to improve health , strengthen the immune system, being sick less often, heal faster, and enjoy all the benefits of a body and a more efficient brain.

Diagnose your potential deficits

Another misconception is that the correct levels of vitamins is obtained by consuming daily a given amount of each vitamin. This is the story of the famous "RDA" Recommended Daily Allowance, children read on their box of Corn Flakes or Nesquik.

Actually, the important thing is not the amount of vitamins and minerals you absorb, but one that occurs as "bioavailable" in your body.

Therefore, when choosing a multivitamin complex, be sure to pick one that contains a large number of co-factors, that is to say, the trace elements and minerals that enable the best possible absorption of vitamins.

What is your "serum" vitamin levels?

A competent physician will prescribe dosages of your "serum" vitamin levels, that is to say, the vitamin levels actually present in your serum. Serum is the base liquid which is your blood, which was removed the cells and proteins that coagulate.

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