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The 8 most effective plants and foods against cancer

44% of men and 39% of women are diagnosed with cancer, it is important now more than ever to understand what foods will not only nourish your body, but also detoxify any carcinogen. Here are some of the most effective herbs and foods to prevent cancer.


Here is a list of foods and herbs with anti-cancer properties are remarkable. The nature of our planet has visibly remedies that may detoxify us from our modern lifestyle, less healthy ...

We hope that these foods will keep you healthy as long as possible!




Kelp, kombu and nori seaweed are three common with a remarkable effect on cancer. This is one of the richest and most bioavailable sources of iodine, a substance lacking in the average diet of patients diagnosed for cancer of the breast or ovary.

These algae are also rich in calcium and potassium and many other minerals that contribute to a highly alkaline environment, which makes it very difficult for an existing cancer survival.



Chlorella and spirulina are two of the most powerful microalgae are in the anti-cancer treatment.

Because of their incredible action of detoxification (including capturing and removing heavy metals) and their efforts to strengthen the immune system (by promoting the production of healthy gut flora and fighting against excessive candidiasis) they are essential in the fight against cancer.


Cruciferous vegetables

It is shown that cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage reduce the risk of cancer and are able to block the growth of cancer cells in breast tumor cases, the lining of the uterus, lung, colon, liver and cervix.

It seems that a substance called phytochemical "sulforaphane" be able to stimulate enzymes that detoxify carcinogens before they do damage cells, like indole 3-carbinol and crambene, which may also activate detoxification enzymes.


Medicinal mushrooms


Medicinal mushrooms such as reishi Chaga and possess many bioactive molecules including anti-tumor agents, identified in their structure. These bioactive compounds include polysaccharides, alkaloids, tocopherols, phenolic, flavonoids, carotenoids, folate (folic acid), enzymes that absorb acids, and organic acids.

Studies show that long-term consumption of Reishi prevents proliferation and tumor growth by increasing the antioxidant levels in the blood plasma, while strengthening the immune system of people with cancer at an advanced stage .



L’aloe vera


Research shows the immunomodulatory and anti-tumor polysaccharides from aloe vera, which means strengthening the immune system function and destruction of cancerous tumors.

A study by the International immunopharmacology showed that aloe vera polysaccharides have potent macrophage activity by enabling features such as increased production of nitric oxide, which has anti-tumor capacity volumes.


Hemp seeds


The hemp plant contains one of the richest and most balanced sources of oil on the planet, with an ideal ratio of omega-6 to 3 1 omega-3. Oil Hemp seed also contains 80% essential fatty acids, more than any other plant.

Essential fatty acids are crucial for immune function through their antioxidant fatty acids and anti-inflammatory that facilitate the oxidation of cells and restores health at the cellular level. Since cancer can not survive in a highly oxygenated environment, excellent levels of essential fatty acids in hemp is an ideal candidate for cancer. And of course, hemp oil Rick Simpson has already treated more than 5,000 people.



A randomized double-blind trial on 3,000 human subjects during clinical years 7 showed that the cancer risk was reduced by 60% for those consuming more vegetables such as "allium" whose aged garlic.

The food appears to be miracle enzyme alliinase (a nutrient of the genus Allium), which produces anti-cancer compounds. The trick is to crush and leave to air for 15 minutes so that it releases its anti-cancer compounds.



The Life Extension Foundation has conducted extensive on anti-cancer properties of turmeric research, and discovered that 10 target factors involved in the development of cancer, including DNA damage, chronic inflammation and cell disruption which is a significant element.
Hundreds of studies have also shown that curcumin is a potent anti-cancer food that blocks cancer development in different ways very unique.
We hope this will inspire more trust in nature, in order to reverse these frightening statistics.

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