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Eczema, a skin-sensitivity

For Hildegard of Bingen, it is not the eyes but the skin is the "mirror of the soul." BioSante in our outer shell is a reflection of the health of the intestines. While eczema is telling us and how to overcome?

If for Hildegard of Bingen "skin is the mirror of the soul", the Chinese associate for millennia with the large intestine. In both medicinal traditions, eczema sign an inner disturbance. It affects 20% of the world population and affects children in 30% of cases.

A history of water

Redness, swelling, itching, blisters and scaling are the main external signs of this dermal inflammation (ekzema means "bubbling" in Greek) divided by dermatologists dry or oozing eczema eczema. Often diagnosed as atopic (atopy is a genetic predisposition to developing common allergies cumulative), eczema essentially three causes.

In dry eczema, it is the colon that does not hold water (possible diarrhea) and wind exacerbates the dryness of the skin, while in eczema is oozing moist heat digestion disturbed that promotes its appearance. But eczema is a skin allergy, which, like all allergies, indicating a decrease in immune defenses. He finally triggers often in contact with an allergen nickel, latex, cement, detergent, cosmetics ... This is called exogenous eczema (usually dry eczema). The endogenous eczema (eczema usually oozing) is triggered by a digestive or intestinal microbial infection problem.

No milk, no sugar

Diet plays a key role in the onset of eczema, especially in children. The classic advice still relevant: reduce consumption of dairy products and even banish cow's milk - "reserved for the exclusive use of calves," as Professor and Professor Merry Seignalet say - remove industrial white sugar (a "deadly poison that should be banned," said Professor Seignalet always), and limit wheat and its derivatives. Over-medicamentation enjoyed the modern child (up to 21 vaccinations in 18 months!) Weakens his immune system, which are reinforced by the breastfeeding opposite. Eat fresh and organic food products after diversification remains appropriate for adults.

Lavender Thyme

Side plants, we can take burdock and wild thought to drain the skin and make a cure birch sap, fresh and organic, in March or April. Aromatherapy is effective in applications eczematous areas (folds of the elbow, knee and behind the ear). At a vegetable oil based calophylle, you add the Lavender for eczema or dry thyme thujanol for weeping eczema. Do not overlook the rose hip oil, certainly the most moisturizing of all vegetable oils. These complex oil is applied on clean skin cleaned with soap Aleppo.

Seven points for makeover

1 Make a list of foods that trigger eczema and remove them temporarily.

2 Do the same for detergents, jewelery, clothes, perfumes ...

3 Avoid sticky situations when your emotion takes over your behavior: Learn to manage your stress and conflict relations.

4 Spend time with your well-being, treat yourself to a treatment by a qualified bio-beautician who will then advise.

5 Take quality products for your organic toiletries (soap, lotions, creams ...).

6 Put a DMARD up (power + herbal medicine) to treat the cause of your eczema.

7 Use aromatherapy and homeopathy at the same time to treat the symptoms.

To treat the psychological aspects of eczema (stress, anxiety, fatigue, lack of affection ...), the main remedies (in 9 CH) are Arsenicum album, Arsenicum iod, Kalium album for dry eczema and graphites, Mez and Selenium for oozing eczema. Ulmus campestris (DH solution 3) act in the two types of eczema to control spleen. By BioSante, is the synergy of these tips about the effectiveness.

thank you to Patrick Hoor for this good article!

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