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Colloidal Silver, the magic of simple.

Its action "magic" is accompanied by strong scientific evidence, so that doctors could report: "Money is our best weapon against germs" - Dr. Harry Margraf (Washington University, St Louis).


Medical uses of silver in history

Germicidal and bactericidal properties of silver metal have been known since antiquity. Greeks, Persians and Romans used commonly in domestic life. They used silver containers to store various liquids (water, wine, etc..) For the rulers and aristocracy. These liquids and retain their freshness longer and their qualities in other containers. The money also was used to make cutlery and kitchen, a tradition that continues today.

Why not have chosen another metal, cheaper: our ancestors understood and regularly ingesting tiny silver particles contributing to enhance immunity vis-à-vis certain diseases. Of course this practice was based on empirical knowledge.

This is certainly the tradition of the British tea, boiled water served in silver teapots, which enabled Britain to survive the terrible miasma of its colonies, as in India, Hong Kong and everywhere elsewhere. It was common to put silver coins in the bottom of containers with food or milk to preserve freshness, a method adopted in the 19th century by the American pioneers. Very recently, in the second part of the 20th century, when pharmacists preparing potions or ointments in the back rooms, they put at the bottom of a pot silver foil.

Albert Schweitzer, NASA and U.S. hospitals are they poisoners?

The merits of these popular practices was demonstrated by modern research. It has been determined that the metal Silver dissolves in water at a rate of about 10 parts per billion, or 10 micrograms per liter, and that extremely low doses, however (0.01 ppm) kills E. coli and salmonella. This is the same principle of Colloidal Silver.

In 1928, reviving the tradition, GA. Krause had the idea to put a silver lining in filtration systems for home use. In 1929, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, reported that all pathogens were eliminated when the water was treated with an electrical charge carriers silver particles. The term colloidal silver was not yet in use. It also showed that this treatment was not harmful with respect to beneficial microorganisms.

Today, the best water filters use the money to avoid contamination of filter candles and many airlines use this filter on board their aircraft. NASA has chosen a system of water treatment based on silver colloids for its space shuttles. The Russians also use colloidal silver to sterilize water aboard space shuttles.

In the United States, some cities have chosen money for wastewater treatment and swimming pools. Nebraska, we demonstrated the effectiveness of colloidal silver decontaminating a deliberately contaminated with E. coli basin. Passing through the filters equipped with silver electrodes, the water was completely purified in the course of 3 hours.

Studies have shown that the internal networks of water distribution in hospitals were the main leaders of the "Legionnaires' disease", a kind of pneumonia acquired in the hospital. Most major U.S. hospitals have installed systems ionization silver / copper, which were successful in eradicating the "Legionella pneumophila" of their hot water systems. These systems are of course fully approved by relevant authorities.

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