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Panacéo - Activated Zeolite

Activated zolite - A sponge to malady !

What does Panaceo consist of?

The main ingredient in Panaceo is the natural volcanic mineral zeolite-clinoptilolite. This highly pure mineral resulted from liquid magma and volcanic ashes pouring into the sea and binding with the saline waters that had reached boiling point. This micro-porous volcanic mineral has astonishing health-promoting properties and has been known for its detoxifying, cleansing properties since ancient times.

What makes Panaceo so unique?

The regenerating effects of zeolite‐clinoptilolite are used for a wide range of medical products, but Panaceo is unique among them. The scientists behind Panaceo have spent many years researching and optimising this natural ingredient, with some revolutionary results that culminated in the unique, patented PMA-technology (Panaceo-micro-activation). The outstanding bio-physical properties of this volcanic mineral are compounded by means of an additional modification of the zeolite crystal structure. During the micronisation process, the zeolite particles are subjected to a targeted collision process using high-power kinetic energies, resulting in an increased absorption potential of surface-treated zeolite as well as an increased ability to attract harmful substances.

New ideas for medicine, health and sport

Panaceo is a medical device derived from the natural volcano mineral zeolite-clinoptilolite, a by-product from the merging of lava and the saline waters of the primal sea. Today, the mineral is used in numerous medical, health and sports applications to achieve unique results.

The effects of this unique natural mineral are compounded by the patented PMA-technology (Panaceo micro-activation). PMA-zeolite is highly effective in the binding of free radicals and other toxins that are stored in our body and deplete our energy levels so that the body is able to rid itself of these toxins naturally via the gastro-intestinal tract. In addition, the body is provided with essential natural minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

Panaceo medical devices stand for better health and more energy!

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