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Mind of Boutique Nature shop

Originally an avid nutritherapy...

Quality charter

Formulation to customer satisfaction, all the scientific team Boutique Nature is committed daily in a quality approach combines efficiency, safety, innovation and respect for nature.

Our plants and assets are carefully selected for their beneficial effects. Our plant powders are guaranteed free of preservatives, excipients, no coloring or flavoring.
Our formulations and our strengths are studied with the greatest care for one purpose: the result and efficiency.

Safety and traceability
The tightness of each pill dietary supplement is perfect: a tamper-evident seal guarantees the safeguarding of assets against moisture and oxidation.
Manufacture of all our products is outsourced to laboratories meet pharmaceutical standards, based in France or Belgium, ensuring the safety and traceability of each production batch.

An ongoing commitment to innovation anime Boutique Nature. The scientific team, in coordination with the marketing department develops products to the forefront of the latest discoveries, particularly in terms of natural active ingredients or from organic agriculture. In cosmetics, research and development each year gives rise to health and beauty treatments combining pleasure of use and respect the naturalness of the body.

Respect for nature
Nature Shop is committed to providing for the majority of dietary supplements of plant and marine capsules capsules, consistent with the nature and safety of products.

For environmental, Boutique Nature has also developed the first pill zero oil. Unique on the market, this pill is made from 100% renewable plant resources and natural dye.

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