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6 Reasons to Clarify its Butter

Whether sweet or savory spread on bread or melted in a pan, butter is undoubtedly one of the food consumed daily. On average, consumes about 8 kg of butter per year (a record in Europe), or 22 g per day. A no doubt, the main constituent of butter are fat, with 81 grams of fat per 100 g of product (valid for sweet butter figure).

But the famous yellow plate does not only contain fat , it also contains less than one gram of protein ( mainly casein ) and a fraction of sugars, lactose to be precise, and other micronutrients

In lipid levels , 60 % of them are saturated fatty acids ( those who have the least side today because most defendants in cardiovascular disease ), 30% of them are fatty acids and mono polyunsaturated 5% trans fatty acids (this is bad!) and with 0.2 % cholesterol (215 mg per 100g of product ) .

Aside from the contribution therefore fat , butter brings a substantial burden of vitamin A ( whose function is essential in many physiological processes ) and ... that's it!

Do not be fooled , except fat and vitamin A, the butter does not bring much else. It is nutritionally poor according ; it provides only "empty calories" .

And if you clarify your butter now?

Without transition , I'll tell you about a butter that everyone has heard at least once in his life ghee butter or Indian butter.

The ghee is something extra , ultra , simple to understand and mega ! It will take me about 25 seconds to explain to you also ...

What is the ghee ?

This is the classic butter ( sweet, salted or salty) heated over very low heat in a pan to separate the fat, milk protein , lactose and whey to recover only our fat.

Do you understand? When manipulation ' , the various components of butter ( protein, lactose ... ) separate fat, giving you the chance to recover a yellow liquid which will give you a "butter" made from 100 % fat (depending your dexterity !)

But then you tell me , where is the interest of clarifying the butter ? There is a problem with lactose ? Milk proteins ?

There is a bit of that in my response , but also many other things!

6 Reasons to clarify the butter : it's gone !

You will discover all the advantages of clarifying its butter for a minimum loss and maximum fun !

1. Increase the smoke point

Must first point : we double the smoke point with ghee . The classic butter smoke from 120 ° C - avoid at most "burn" butter - because protein and lactose present.

Once clarified butter , the smoke point reached 250 ° C, which makes it perfectly usable during cooking , pastries, without ( high) risk for your health ( or lose your butter just ) .

So you can use it again without fear butter in your cooking (even if steam is the best !)

2 . Getting rid of lactose and casein

This is the principle of clarifying butter : separate from the milk sugar ( lactose) and milk protein (mainly casein ) .

For our first element , lactose, it is an undeniable advantage for all intolerant to milk sugar that could now eat what ghee (provided carefully separate elements).

For the second part , I will remain neutral although some evidence exists for the prosecution against milk proteins , which can be discussed over a drink or two ...

3 . It keeps longer , and at room temperature !

Is it really an advantage , I leave you to judge, but clarified butter can be stored at room temperature , however, if it is kept in an airtight container.

So as Beena blog " Beendhi " said , stop cluttering your refrigerator butter, clarified or not!

4. The Best taste

Again, there is no picture! I just do at the moment with my mother a tasting contest classic butter and ghee ...

First observation , the latter is less ... how to say ... it is pasty , much more bland, the culinary experience is not transcendent . In contrast, ghee ... it is amazing!

Okay I 'm exaggerating a bit ! More seriously, it is much better to taste , it is less compact and less viscous , with perhaps the famous nutty flavor that everyone is talking about , but I have a very bad nose.

Anyway, you'll soon be able to compare the taste for yourself !

5. Easier to spread (and this is important!)

Honestly, how many of you breaks into a thousand pieces his toast (what you magnez crackers ! ) With its butter reinforced concrete ?

This is - more or less - complete with ghee ! I tested the other day on bread buckwheat crisp , well I must say it is not too bad! One broken 4 is better than sweet butter !

6 . Good for health (?)

The ghee is used in traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda , and returns in the preparation of certain drugs. Sure, Ayurvedic medicine is not common in the West, but it reassures still before such a product!

At the scientific level , many Indian researchers regularly publish articles on the clarified butter to boast its merits compared to the traditional butter, or hydrogenated margarines .

Additional tips for you

I did not insist on the method of preparation of ghee so it is simple, but that might surprise you .

I was surprised that , at home, and unlike anything seen on videos from the web, there is no supernatant everything settles to the bottom of the pan.

Do not be surprised if like me, when you prepare ghee you can not find the 3 distinct phases ( whey, pure fat and protein, lactose above )

The second thing is always Beena ( I discovered for the occasion ), which advises to put a little turmeric during the preparation of ghee . The idea seems excellent both in terms of taste, as the health benefits !

To recover your pure fat , you can:

  •  Or pay directly grease in a jar, if like me you do not have a supernatant;
  • Either remove the supernatant with a ladle and pour into a jar (which is usually presented in video, here is an example ) ;
  • Or filter as does Beena in the traditional preparation

Clarified butter yes , but in moderation anyway

There are many advantages to clarify its butter, especially if you are already a major consumer of butter. For others, eating ghee could seduce you again but do not jump to the other extreme either.

Ghee contains mostly saturated fatty acids, very frowned upon by our health authorities - especially for cardiovascular risk, even a meta-analysis involving more than 345,000 patients has not highlighted the negative role of these fatty acids in cardiovascular disease risk .

For trans fatty acids , which also have a very bad reputation, a study funded by the milk lobby has shown that moderate consumption of butter did not alter the lipid profile.

So to conclude , clarified butter (and turmeric ) reasonably consumed and integrated into a balanced diet , rich in fruits and vegetables, coupled with an active lifestyle will not be dangerous for your health. You can say !

Thank you to Jeremy Anso for this item on the Clarified Butter ;-) www.dur -a-

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