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Heavenly Scent, diffuser oils multifunction

We knew the simple diffusers essential oils to promote a pleasant atmosphere in the habitat. But did you know Heavenly Scent, an essential oil diffuser is also ionizer and humidifier? (Translate by google)

A versatile oil diffuser for air 100% pure !

This diffuser allows you to enjoy the benefits of natural aromatherapy via ultrasonic technology diffusion perfected. Sometimes ionizer , sometimes diffuser , here are the different functions of the Heavenly Scent :

1 ) Ultrasonic cold diffusion

This system allows to avoid damaging the properties of essential oils. Indeed , their molecules are simply processed with water into micro - particles to be released by ventilation in the room.

These oil and water molecules remain suspended in air, enter the body without irritation but to improve comfort.

2) The distribution system of essential oils ionizer

It cleans the air by generating negative ions ( naturally inhaled the fresh air molecules) and releasing air pollutants such as fine dust and bacteria. These ions found in the sea or in the mountains significantly reduce stress.

3) The distribution system of essential oils humidifier

The diffusion of water from this unit micro- particles allows humidify the air. Its effectiveness is undeniable against colds and sinusitis . Skin and mucous membranes are hydrated .

A diffuser, how does it work?

Nothing does more simple, just fill the measuring cup of water until the red mark , then pour into the tank. Fill again the measuring cup of water and pour the water into the cup then you will place in the tank above the water level already later .

Then pour a few drops of organic essential oils in the cup , put in place the tank cover , fireplace up and the transparent cover and finally directional spout.

Turn on the unit using the controller, and choose the freq diffusion (between 50 min and 9 ) . Consider placing the device securely in height for wide dissemination .

THE + Heavenly Scent Diffuser

The essential oil diffuser Heavenly Scent does not need any special maintenance for its proper functioning in everyday life. In addition, the essential oil diffuser Heavenly Scen is very discreet , easy to use and the absence of heat helps preserve the active ingredients of essential oils.

In addition, the programmer allows you to choose the rate of diffusion of essential oils you want : continuous or alternating. An important function knowing that some essential oils can sometimes go to his head .

Economical due to consumption of only 15 W / h , also note that the unit will stop automatically when water runs out .

ideas oils spread ... ?

Ohhh yes, personally when the small family with a cold , I put my diffuser in the hall at night, I program for 5 to 7am and I put either of the Respi'forez complex ( it cleans the air and kills all microbes and small bacteria suspended in the air ) or eucalyptus, or anything that is pine , douglas, thyme , etc ...

Alternatively, it is spring or summer , mosquitoes arrive, again I put my diffuser in the lobby at night and I put the HE Citronella , it prevents mosquitoes sting you when returning you leave your windows open .

Or, you feel stressed , nervous, anxious , put your distributor in your living room and let them disseminate ET of sweet orange , tangerine or Marjolaine shell , etc ....


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