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Lose weight without thinking

Keep our bodies at the right temperature is our first energy expenditure, and the reasons for the rise in obesity in the United States is widespread air conditioning. It allows Americans to live independently of the seasons, weather, and time of day. With virtually no need to adapt to climate change, their metabolism slows down their consumption of calories ... and the fat accumulates.

Disasters air canned

I regularly attend conferences that take place in international hotels for 2 or 3 days, we marinate in a confined atmosphere , from our bedrooms to boardrooms without going outside .

Whereabouts are elevator , meals are served in the hotel restaurant . You wander as carpets, upholstered in light flashlights rooms . Air conditioning requires the windows are locked. The temperature is always the same.

The effect on the body is spectacular : after a few hours already , eyelids become heavy , cottony head, ears ringing . Your hands are sweaty , your feet swell . You are beset with crises yawn. Looking to recapture passing table. But after two meals , the effect is reversed. You are disgusted while having the feeling of not having enough to eat. You're thirsty at the same time that the impression of having drunk too much . Soon, all your energy goes into a desperate struggle against sleep; the voice of speakers, which lulls you to projector presentations that follow , you require superhuman efforts to stay awake. Night, by cons , you can not close the eye.

To be in shape , the body does need to be whipped by the elements! Far from giving you the cold, nothing like the rain, wind , mud, sun, cold, heat alternating , to strengthen you , give you health.

That is why one of the first steps to take if you want to lose weight, is to reactivate your
subjecting the body metabolism to variations in temperature and atmospheric conditions .

Turn down the heat in winter , cut summer cooling

In addition to saving energy, you will increase your body's metabolism to maintain the right temperature , and you lose extra pounds, if you have any.

Scottish shower

To survive the Congress , I took the habit of the Scottish shower, that is to say m'asperger long , morning and evening, with the coldest water possible.

This practice may seem brutal , but we made it very well from the moment we proceed in order .

You do not start squeezing the buttocks and taking a cold shower to get out of bed .

First, take your shower as usual, then you raise the temperature to about 40 ° C , that is to say the maximum temperature that we can tolerate without burning .

After a few minutes at 40 ° C , you're so hot that you have only one desire: to lower the temperature to relieve you . This is also the principle of the hottub, which consists of alternating sauna sessions and rolls in the snow.

You lower the temperature of your shower so until the water is warm , fresh , and then you go up the temperature to 40 ° C. Once you again too hot, you descend the temperature maximum , and so on for about fifteen minutes, each cycle in cold water for half the time than in hot water.

At each session, you 'll find that you stand to better cold water to discover that it is actually very nice to go ice water on the body.

It is a practice that significantly relaxes the body and strengthens .

After a while, you realize that it also makes you much more , and you will seek to rediscover the pleasure of cold water by passing the hot spots of your body: the head , neck , hips, inner thighs , that is to say where the blood is removed when cold .

Your body and re- learn to self-regulate its temperature.

Excellent for circulation

  •  Under hot water , arteries and veins dilate to disperse heat more easily ;
  • Under cold water , they contract to avoid heat loss.

Your bloodstream finds its adaptability , increases its elasticity. You struggle against the stiffening of your arteries.

After some practice , the strongest move directly to the cold water out of bed , so you avoid wasting water and energy by too long and hot shower.

But anyway , you have any interest to conclude each shower by reducing the temperature of the water. The fact is that we tend to take showers too warm to be less resistant to temperature fluctuations. Hence a tendency to gain weight , and a certain fragility in winter.

Thank you to Jean- Marc Dupuis ;-) 

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