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The benefits of a detox cure in spring

Winter often brings the body to the test. Cure moderate cleaning can then be beneficial to the body. Learn how to perform a detoxifying treatment, which is by no means a diet to lose weight, but that is great to feel better in your body with the arrival of spring!

What is a detoxifying cure?

Detoxifying cure would "rid" the body of toxins that it has accumulated due to dietary and environmental factors. During the winter, our diet tends to be less healthy, overeating are many, physical activity is more rare. Thus, toxins can accumulate in the body. These toxins are actually residues of chemicals such as pesticides that were in our diet. When you eat too much or bad, we do not allow the body time to eliminate these residues.

A cleanse is designed to also stimulate the work of removing the liver and kidneys. It could thus help relieve states of fatigue and nervousness, skin problems and insomnia, although a diet rebalancing and recovery of physical activity also contribute.

Attention, cleanse is not a diet. It does not aim to lose weight. Here it is advisable to apply :

Focus light meals , the largest share is given to fruits and vegetables. Choose mainly those containing vitamin C such as citrus fruits or acerola , bet for steaming which helps retain vitamins and nutrients contained in vegetables without adding fat ( broccoli , green beans, etc. . ..) and add to menu some draining and antioxidant foods like black radish , artichoke and lemon.

Diversify its menus to avoid fatigue and eat with pleasure. Vary the flavors, colors to make your beautiful and appetizing dishes . Avoid fatty meats and prefer lean meats like chicken or turkey to refuel animal protein , or soy or tofu for their content of vegetable proteins.

Avoid stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Take the opportunity to reduce or even completely stop smoking ! Also remove or reduce your diet refined sugars and animal fats too rich in saturated fatty acids. Green tea is a good alternative to coffee because it is very rich in antioxidants.

During a detox treatment is especially recommended to the full of fruits and vegetables because they have antioxidant properties due to their content of phenolic compounds, contained in plants that have the ability to neutralize free radicals that damage cells the body in the oxidant.
In order not to lose the vitamins and nutrients in vegetables, it is advisable to steam or wok with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Certain vitamins and nutrients are water soluble that is to say, they will dissolve in water.

Finally, do not forget to practice integral to a program of physical fitness activity.

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