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Sleep comes with eating

How much food do they affect our sleep? Which preferred to sleep better? Between true and false beliefs dietary errors, experts enlighten us.


"For a good night , I never eat starchy dinner " or "I hardly swallow anything " or even "the wine helps me sleep " ... We commit food "mistakes." Habit - sometimes ignorance - we eat in the evening foods that are likely to affect our sleep, while others might favor . Certainly , poor diet is far from being the only cause of our insomnia , but before changing bedding , neighbors , or worse , swallow drugs , starting with the simplest : let us look at the contents of our plates .

Depending on the time of day, our brain releases chemicals called neurotransmitters (serotonin , melatonin, dopamine, endorphins ... ) , whose role is to influence our bodies , but also our entire physiological and psychic life . Some of these "messengers" for example, can produce a rapid heartbeat , to increase our capacity for attention and vigilance. Others, however, have a soothing effect on our metabolism and promote relaxation or sleep. But these are the nutrients in the food we eat that affect the synthesis of some of these neurotransmitters.

The example of the caffeine present in the main stimulants such as coffee, tea and sodas, is significant. This has the effect of boosting the production of dopamine and norepinephrine , neurotransmitters that make us more dynamic , even aggressive . Caffeine has effects on the brain up to six hours after consumption . This is why it is advised not to drink beverages that contain after 17 hours .

To sleep better , so we must focus on foods that " wake up" the production of melatonin - also known as the sleep hormone . Also known to regulate our chronobiological rhythms , melatonin is secreted in response to the absence of light and synthesized from serotonin. However , this drift of tryptophan , an essential amino acid .

More carbohydrates less protein

To summarize, it is due to tryptophan our body secretes hormones that facilitate sedative sleep and provide a quality sleep. Tryptophan can be found in many foods , such as bananas , milk , turkey , pineapple , eggs , dates , walnuts, lettuce. " They can either eat at one of three meals afi n to obtain optimum level of serotonin ," says Laurent Chevallier, nutritionist and author of One Hundred Best Foods for your health and the planet (LGF , " The Book of pocket, " 2010).

But alone , tryptophan is insufficient : "In order that our body assimilates well , it must be associated with vitamin B6 ," adds Dr. Jean- Paul Curtay , nutrithérapeute . Seafood , fish, walnuts, almonds and mineral-rich waters ( Hépar , Contrex ... ) may be available for lunch or dinner , as often as possible . And the square of dark chocolate, rich in magnesium ? " Two squares of 80% cocoa, and earlier in the day because it is energizing ," advises John Paul Curtay . Such as magnesium , omega -3 contribute to the proper functioning of the brain, they increase the sensitivity of neurotransmitter receptors . They are found in particular oily fish oil and linseed or rapeseed .

Thank you to Maureen Diament Marie-Laurence Grézaud the magazine


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