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While in the womb, healthy body, healthy mind!

Our belly seems to play a central role in our balance. Why can we call it a second brain?

Serious studies show the close connection between our brain and abdomen, so much so that we can call it "second brain." More than just a contact of the brain , stomach has its own nervous system : about 200 million neurons cover the walls of the intestine , the same as in the spinal cord , these neurons colonize the digestive tract from top to down from the mouth to the anus. It is therefore primarily the brain of the digestive system in both metabolic and psychological components.

If our stomach is essential , what about our " first brain" and our heart ? What are their relationships?

The first brain acts as a control . While the enteric brain exerts a protective action of the body through three lines of defense : the intestinal flora, intestinal epithelium and the intestinal immune system which represents nearly 80% of our defense system .

The brain / gut connection through the vagus nerve creates a complex relationship between the two nervous systems. The vagus nerve sends a continuous current active messages between the brain and the gut plays a major role in protecting the body against external threats . With these 70,000 neurons the heart manages the activity of the vagus nerve.

This consideration belly is present in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years . Why modern medicine discovers that now?

Indeed, in the West, we tend to push up too much energy in the head. This causes many side effects such as stress , insomnia, mood swings and lack of rooting and changing our behavior towards ourselves and others.

For Taoists , the intestine is the body of Wisdom, as we grow inwardly digesting our emotions with the stomach. We swallow our emotions , we déstructurons using the stomach, we remove what we need to grow and eliminate what we do not need . Undigested emotions are confined as prisoners in our cells. They constantly seek out and survive , we put our emotions in a closet , we close the closet and we take the key.

By assimilating our experiences, we grow, we gain maturity and become stronger, more sensitive , allowing us to treat the emotional burdens of the past that have not been digested.

What are the natural ways to organize the rebalancing of our organization?

The key is to cleanse and stimulate intestinal activity . To do so, one of the essential elements are Probiotics . It improves peristalsis and regulates the frequency and quality of stool. It is effective to treat constipation as well as liquid stool. It reduces flatulence and bloating. It promotes the development of friendly bacteria in the intestinal flora .

Then you have to recreate a fertile ground for balancing the pH using this active substance what the RegulatPro BIO ® . This is a concentrated amino acids and enzymes released bioavailable to the body. It is obtained by a fermentation process in a cascade of biological substances and natural plant using live microorganisms .

We all need to keep our digestive system in good working order and for that we must clean and stimulate, regulate our Ph in relation to the rest of the body , stimulate the activity of the physical and mental digestion and finally provide our gut on a daily basis the basics they need to accomplish their daily work smoothly .

Thank you to " Christian and Frederic GANA " for this good article.

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