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Did you know?

The surgeon forget the clamp in the abdomen

A patient complains of severe pain after an operation. For weeks or months, the wad of painkillers, it is repeated that "it is normal", that "it will pass," or even "it's in your head" ...

Then one day, at his insistence, on getting a radio and we see a surgical instrument 15 cm has been forgotten in her womb.

This is what happened to a young mother who had given birth by cesarean section at the Charles Nicolle hospital in Rouen. On 20 December, it was finally removed him a clip that the surgeon had forgotten and which caused him excruciating pain since.

The clash happened, what this young mother wanted is that the surgeon comes to see her, smile sweetly and tell him some human words.

This would have to restore confidence, recognize the error and give some explanations as simple as, for example, that: "You know, I'm really sorry. But I chained four operations that day. I was exhausted. "

But no. The manager of the hospital is merely a brief statement: "In 20 years, it had never produced; zero risk does not exist. "

"Yes, well, it happens! "

Nightmare Cécile, he began in November 2012, when it was made from the stomach to the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris.

The young woman quickly feels terrible pain. "A month later I was folded in half, I had particularly bad on the right side," says Cecilia. "I was swollen and I had a cyst just above the pubis. I returned to the hospital, but received me in five minutes, but feel me, and I was told it was all normal. "She says in Le Parisien.

To alleviate the suffering, the young woman is taking strong painkillers constantly. "It just allowed me to breathe normally and walk," she describes. For five months, she went a dozen times in the hospital, still getting the same answer.

In April 2013, her GP finally prescribe an ultrasound. And this is the most amazing starts: review "identifies a foreign body" but it does not bother anyone. We simply prescribe a scanner in another hospital. After days of waiting, it is made to move the scanner, which confirms the presence of a "metal object", but Cecilia is sent home with his photos under his arm, without further comment.

In fact, a huge clip 15 cm is clearly visible to the scanner. If visible Cecile, who has no medical training, finds out immediately when she finally opens the envelope and looks at herself the image, on the bus back to the hospital!

Before his protests, the hospital finally agrees to operate but is refused general anesthesia. Cécile is wrong asleep. The operation is a torture. After surgery, the woman expects to receive an apology from the surgeon. Instead, it looks at her with a small smile and said, "Yeah, well, it happens! ".

A stainless steel tip pierces her belly

This slip-on, this inability to admit his mistake and put themselves in the place of the patients, it is still what experienced Lyon 31 years, operated by Dr. Bernard Dessapt. The story was told in detail in the press.

End of August 2010, this young woman, call it Anaïs is operated clinic Natecia. After several months of persistent pain, her stomach is hard and oozing wound. Anaïs worries and seek advice Dr. Dessapt. On several occasions, he explains that it is major surgery and pain as bruises are a normal consequence.

Everything changes six months later, Friday, Feb. 11, 2011. "I had a big cough and I had the impression that tore my stomach," said she told Europe 1. "Friday night I was watching my navel and I saw a stainless steel tip point. "

Maddened by this metal object a little more than 5 mm, the patient calls the clinic, which promises to join Dr. Dessapt. The surgeon did not contacted. Saturday, Anaïs goes to work to try to forget that piece of metal obsessed since yesterday. Secretary, she hopes not to be unduly hampered by pain. But it still suffers and decided with her husband to go anyway to the private hospital. The couple met a nurse who agrees to consider Anaïs belly. and immediately realized there was a tool forgotten. Radio confirms this analysis. Bernard Dessapt is again contacted, but it is the weekend and refuses to see his patient!

"She hardly dare to sleep"

Anaïs tries to surgery at another institution, but doctors refuse to take charge: no one wants to take the risk of trying to repair the negligence of another. The responsibility of an accident would be very difficult to establish. The young woman must wait Dr. Dessapt deign to look after her. Sunday at 17 hours, it still has no new surgeon. Monday, in consultation with Master Sannier, her lawyer, she decided to alert the media. The physician is contacted by the press and always provides, including newspaper Le Progres that there is no urgency to operate. Master Sannier insists. Under threat, the doctor promises to operate between noon and 14 hours. In fact, it still leaves Anaïs suffer as a beast all afternoon and not only operates 17 hours.

For excuse,  Bernard Dessapt says to Anaïs, he "will make him a gift of Valentine's Day because he did not charge him this new operation."

The initials serious liver surgeon on patient

A surgeon has been suspended from his duties Tuesday, December 24, 2013, at the public hospital in Birmingham, central England, to have carved his initials in the liver of a patient transplanted.

During a routine examination, one of his colleagues realized that this surgeon named Simon Bramhall, wrote "SB" on the liver of a patient, according to the Daily Telegraph. He has used argon gas, commonly used in surgery, said the Daily Mail. Hundreds of patients transplanted by the surgeon for 10 years, could also have his initials engraved on the liver, according to The Telegraph.

The moral of these stories

There fifteen years, a British study found that physicians with a diagnosis of serious illness consulted, on average, seven different colleagues before believing the diagnosis and treatment decisions.

If single patients heads to do the same, they would be accused of ruining the social security system.

Remains as a solution to choose with great care the people you leave you open the belly. If your doctor seems too remote, pressed, arrogant or if he refuses to listen or respond to legitimate questions, take your legs to your neck.

Thank you to Jean-Marc Dupuis for this newsletter;-)

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