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Turmeric: Eight virtues spicy health

Native to India and used by Ayurvedic medicine for 2000 years, the longa or turmeric turmeric fascinates researchers worldwide by countless therapeutic benefits it provides to health. Decorated to your daily recipes, turmeric will delight your taste buds and make you the most good ...

Turmeric against disorders of digestion

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome , upset stomach , nausea, loss of appetite , etc. . , Know that turmeric is a spice gold to treat your most various disorders of the digestive system . The World Health Organization has recognized turmeric for this therapeutic virtue. Stimulating the liver and gallbladder , turmeric improve digestion. More than a curative action , it would also have a preventive role against the development of stomach ulcers , having a protective effect on the gastric mucosa.
Turmeric against serious diseases

Even though we do not yet understand all the mechanisms , turmeric would anticancer effect on colon cancer and other types of cancer ( such as the stomach , skin, breast, prostate, leukemia ... ) . According to the researchers , curcumin could inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors by inhibiting the production of cytokines ( molecules causing the inflammatory process ) . Tip: take a teaspoon of turmeric per day for a preventive effect. With pepper , which improves intestinal absorption.
Turmeric against Alzheimer

Curcumin , the active ingredient from turmeric would fight and destroy the deposition of beta- amyloid protein, protein plaques that form in blood vessels in the brains of people with Alzheimer 's disease. Action both curative and preventive , as it is in India, where people eat more turmeric , the number of Alzheimer's patients is the lowest in the world . Moreover , the action of curcumin is more effective than the anti- inflammatory drugs .

Turmeric to relieve pain

Turmeric is a powerful natural anti -inflammatory action which is comparable to that of cortisone. The spice can be used as an analgesic to relieve the pain associated with rheumatism , arthritis, muscle pain , or tendonitis. Turmeric also helps relieve pain associated with rules. To a significant effect, it is preferred to use tablets of curcumin .
Tip "My pain magic potion " for pain rules :

Put 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric in a glass, pour boiling water. Mix and leave to infuse . Turmeric settles to the bottom . Drink when the water gets warm . After 15 minutes, you already feel a pain relief .
Excerpt from the book " My Little Magic Recipes Turmeric "

Turmeric to boost immunity

Curcumin, family compound curcuminoids , is an antioxidant more potent than vitamin E to fight against free radicals. Free radicals tend to weaken our body when exposed to a stressful condition such as cold, wet ... making it more vulnerable to viruses , etc. . Turmeric is an ally of choice for the winter in shape, and even if flu symptoms .
Turmeric against weight gain

Turmeric is a slimming asset of choice. Consumed daily , turmeric has a real " fat burning " effect: it optimizes the entry of sugar into the cells , which promotes energy metabolism and opposes the transformation of triglycerides and their storage as fat .
Turmeric in preventing cardiovascular disease

Turmeric combines two protective properties of the cardiovascular system . First, it helps to reduce cholesterol , and secondly , it improves the fluidity of blood platelet aggregation by slowing . However , pay attention to your intake of turmeric if you are taking anticoagulant drugs in parallel , as this could increase the risk of bleeding.
Turmeric for beautiful skin

No turmeric will not give you a yellow complexion . On the contrary , it might even improve your skin by increasing blood flow in the liver, and by promoting its purification. It would also have beneficial effects on eczema, psoriasis , acne or rash.

What dose?

Although scientific studies most often focus on curcumin concentration well above the recommended doses in the kitchen , consumed daily , turmeric permeates your body and acts prevention. Turmeric has no side effect , except at high doses
What assimilation? What association?

Only 5-60 % of the curcumin is assimilated by the body depending on the quality of turmeric . Fortunately associated pepper ( just 1% ) , the absorption of the active ingredient , curcumin , is boosted by 154% , more than double !

Thank you to Leah Belleval for this very interesting article ;-)

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