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I hate appetizers that drag. You're hungry, you can not resist resuming use of peanuts, crisps, sugary alcohol, fruit juice. Then, when digestion has begun and that you are disgusted ... it's time to sit at the table!

Spare your guests the next time you make a dinner. Enjoy the sacred time of the aperitif, we all love to serve them in small portions , their entry or, better, their inputs. It suffices to put your preparations in glasses , ramekins , small plates or toast to give them an air of appetizer, and festive .

But above all, this aperitif new formula has the advantage of being much healthier than biscuits usual appetizers.

A huge selection of delicious and healthy recipes

You have a huge selection of delicious and healthy recipes : chilled soups , raw vegetables with sauces flavored with herbs and spices , toast topped with terrines (including fish terrines ) , tapenade, hummus (mashed chickpeas) , caviar eggplant , fatty fish, fish eggs, olives of all kinds, sheep cheese cubes ( feta ) , skewers of cherry tomatoes , mozzarella, basil, eggs mimosa ( quartered ) , prunes wrapped in grilled bacon ... the possibilities are endless.

With good timing (that is to say, if you do not let aperitif drag on ) , you can then move on to table and bind directly to the dish . Everyone will be delighted with your original appetizer and , consciously or not , will be a relief not to have filled the chips and peanuts stomach.

Simply choose from the following list two or three ideas that you like and prepare in advance on trays .

When your guests arrive , you will only have to serve them quickly enough so that everyone has time to eat without saturating .


This technique is to serve appetizers in tiny glasses. The goal is to catch a game of flavors (sweet, salty) , textures, layers and bright colors (red crisp underneath, green moss above ) .

Jar of smoked salmon, horseradish ricotta

Mix ricotta , cottage cheese , horseradish and adjust seasoning if necessary. Mount your glasses , put some diced smoked salmon above and at the last moment , sprinkle with dill.

Shrimp tartare , avocado and grapefruit in a glass

Create an emulsion from olive oil and lemon juice - season it. Add the flesh of two grapefruits, cooked prawns , two lawyers and a cucumber diced .

When serving , add the coriander , mount the tartare glasses and put some trout eggs on top.

chilled soups

This is the best way to surprise your guests with a preparation, background , plain .

Cream of butternut

Sweat two onions and two cloves of garlic with olive oil in a saucepan . Add a diced butternut squash to soften .

Add vegetable broth , cover with water and simmer for twenty minutes.

Add a good spoonful of cream, salt and pepper . Mix well and leave to cool in small bowls that you use to serve. Put some basil on the surface before serving.

Before serving, bake 10 minutes you will have a plate lined with small discs of grated parmesan . These chips cheese will melt together and then solidify to form jagged and crunchy tiles that will complement your velvety butternut .

Cream of Zucchini

Follow the same recipe as above by replacing the butternut squash with zucchini.


Mix together three very fragrant clusters tomatoes , a cucumber, two peppers, onion , garlic and lemon juice. Be generous with olive oil , vinegar, salt and pepper . Finish with a few basil leaves .


Terrines are a classic that comes from the Middle Ages. They have the advantage of long shelf life .

Terrine of salmon and broccoli

Rub a raw salmon fillet with salt, let sit and then wipe the salt and cut the salmon into cubes.

Boil a few around and remove broccoli florets halfway - book . At the end of cooking , mix broccoli tender with creamy yogurt , salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Dissolve gelatin in this creamy preparation and mount your dish: when you have lined the bowl halfway , wait until the gelatin takes to remove the broccoli florets and diced salmon. Then pour over the rest of the creamed mixture . Leave the bowl in the refrigerator to freeze before serving with a shallot vinaigrette .


The main advantage of skewers is that they can eat with your fingers .

Chicken skewers satay sauce

Made based small pieces of chicken in a marinade of soy sauce , honey , garlic, fresh ginger , chilli and lemon.

Roast in the oven this marinated chicken skewers assembled . For the satay sauce , mix peanuts with a little peanut oil, while gradually adding the rest of your marinade until creamy.

Tapenade , hummus and eggplant caviar

These delicious Mediterranean specialties continue to be considered the ultimate refinement judging their prices at the supermarket - € 38 per kilo of olives tapenade when the kilo is 14 € . But you , dear reader , you know that tapenade prepares in less than two minutes.


Mix black olives - or green , capers , lemon juice , garlic , parmesan , pepper , salt and voila .


Mix a can of chickpeas without the juice, a few cloves of garlic, lemon juice , cream , sesame oil, olive oil and paprika . Salt and pepper and serve with parsley.

For a change, try dipping carrot sticks and cucumber in your raw hummus instead of pita bread.

Eggplant caviar

Roast two whole eggplants in the oven. Then peel them and mix them with the garlic, lemon juice, olive oil. Season and serve with a little parsley .

Thank you to Jean- Marc Dupuis and happy holidays to all !

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