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Did you know?

When the liver doesn't function properly...

Use of alcohol lowers the level of cholesterol into blood and liver. That's why abuse of alcohol can lead to steatosis and other liver problems. Choline can reduce the negative effects of alcohol and accelerate healing. In case of huge consumption of alcohol, it is important to take more vitamines B!

liver and choline metabolism

Fat and cholesterol coming from food are transported into liver by lipoproteins to be carried into the tissues through blood.

Phosphatidylcholine is a necessary component of these lipoproteins, without whom fat and cholesterol would accumulate into liver.  That's why a lack of choline can lead to excess fat and cholesterol into liver.

In addition, into the body, choline can be metabolised into betaïne which is an important micronutriment and also soource of methyl groupments (CH3 formula) needed for the methylation reactions. 

Methylation is a very important detox chemical reaction into the liver.  Therefor we need these methyl groups such as choline.

Choline is necessary :

  1. detoxification from drugs
  2. from alcohol
  3. chemical toxical products from environment as for example pesticides and heavy metals.

Choline (from greec "bile") is a component of bile and is important into prevention of stones in the visicle.

where can we find choline into food?

Recommended dose of Choline from Food and Nutrition board USA is :

  • 425 mg for women
  • 550 mg for men

One can find for 100g :

beaf: 418 mg

wheat germs : 152 mg

eggs: 251 mg

pork meat : 103 mg

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