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Co-Q10 : source of energy

Co-Q10 is a coenzyme with thousands of virtues. Also called Do-Q10, it's a small molecule but one hear a lot about it! In fact, recent studies seem to demonstrate that lack in this substance is associated to different health problems.

what does Co-Q10 do?

Coming from the coenzyme family, it is produced naturally by the body, this Co-Q10 work of enzymes and facilitates internal essential chimical reactions.  Mitochondrias of the cells use Co-Q10 in order to produce needed energy for growth and maintenance of the body. 

As an antioxydant, Co-Q10 helps to neutralize chimical products bad for the body : the free radicals.
These radicals damage a lot of cells as important as DNA, their destruction is thus essential in order to maintain homeostasis of the body.

where can we find co-q10 in the body?

Co-Q10 is prensent everywhere into the human body.  Heart, liver, kidney and pancreas contain a lot.
Concentration of Co-Q10 can lower along years and can also be destroyed by several drugs but also too much stress.

where can we find co-q10 in our food?

Everybody recognizes now the importance of nutrition.  Balanced food, with low fat and lots of fibres is essential to prevent several diseases.  Antioxydants, of whom Co-Q10, play an important role in healthy nutrition as the protect cellular membranes againts attack and damages of free radicals.

One find Co-Q10 into food as mackerel, salmon, sardines, beaf (light), soy beans, peanuts and spinach.  A lot of fruits and vegetables contain also a lot of Co-Q10 but unfortunately, the bad treatment of the ground and food with pesticides leads to a significant decrease of Co-Q10 available into food, this leads us to take Co-Q10 supplements

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