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12 trics for an intense, happy and free life!

Lots of people spend their lives waiting to be lucky... "if only I had more money", "if I could lose weight", "if I could get this job or this diploma", "if only I could meet somebody to love",... "then I would finally be happy"...

Nevertheless, you could be happy immediately.  Studies about happiness show that it is not being good-looking, rich or famous that makes one happy. Maybe I am going to shock you, but it is neither the fact of loving someone ore being loved that makes on happy on logn term.

Lots of people have a partner and perfect children, this does not automaticly make them feel happy.

The secret of happiness

Happiness can be assimilated to "all that makes you vibrant".  Once you have identified what it exactly is, than organize yourself to create this as much as possible.

  • eat less sugar and glucides (included the complex ones from whole cereals) in order to decrease your insulin level
  • have regularely sport activities
  • try to gather the appropriate conditions to sleep well, and as long as you need to sleep, by standing up each day at the same
  • hour, as early as possible
  • go out : switch off you television and go for a walk or say hello to a friend.take cold showers
  • speak less, listen more
  • assume your responsabilities, happy people recognize their errors and try to find the lessons from their mistakes
  • have a sunbath each day, vitamin D is excellent for the mood
  • be creative, you don't need to become an artist : everybody has got an artist inside!
  • walk bare-foot
  • be kind. Our society puts the accent on violence but the truth is kindness is contagious.  However, do not be "too kind", but remember that when you're kind with others, your brain creates hormons of wellness.  It will be more easy for you to create relations with other people and will genereate positive vibes inside and around you.
    be gratefull
    a healthy life makes one happy


                  Written by Jean-Marc Dupuis

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