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Enter into the world of Jazz Max

Fresh vitamine juices for whole the family! And much more...

Jazz Max is polyvalent :

it can make healthy juices but also squeeze products in order to make soft food textures as for babies, or nut butters, vegetarian patés, instant sorbets, home made pasta etc.

A wide specter of juicing possibilities. Juice can be extracted from practically any vegetables, fruits (including soft fruits) , leafy greens, wheat sprouts, roots, medicinal herbs, and even pine needles, seeds and grains. Juice extraction from soy beans (soy milk), tofu, and nut oils.

The advantages of Jazz Max :

extraction of juice happens in two times:

1. lot of juice and
2. few pulp (almost dry!)

Jazz Max is made out of high quality material and offers 3 years guarantee

Thanks to his very strong central piece, it can squeeze ice cubes or frozen fruits to make instant sorbets, or squeeze chicpeas etc

The very low speed of rotation (< 80 tours a minute), no presence of metal and pratically no friction which means that the products are not heated during juice extraction. This saves living enzymes which are necessary for ou bodies.
High speed rubs thee pulp of the product like a grater, the product heats up inevitably.
The higher the speed, the more friction, the higher temperature. This leads to the destruction of useful nutrients and enzymes which are sensitive to temperature, and die under heat.

Security system that stops automaticly when food is blocking when too much fruit or vegetables are provided in the machine.

Existence of ventilator when used during a longer period.

Very quiet motor

Easy to use, easy to clean, goes into the dish washer.

Juice storage
thanks to minimal oxidation the juice can be stored and it will retain its useful propreties.
It is not recommended to store living juices. you get the most use and energy from freshly squeezed juice. However, if necessary, it is possible to store it up to 24 hours in a closed container in the refrigerator.

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