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10 advices to keep good health

More and more researches all go to the same conclusion : taking care for our own health is an unavoidable step. It is true this demands some efforts to change nutritional habits and behaviors, but fruit you collect from your effots can make you win a lot, it's up to you!

1. Decrease strongly your consumption in sugar
and of starchy foods (food containing a big quantity of starch). It will allow you to normalize your level of insulin in your blood, a hormone which stimulates the growth of the unwanted cells. It is one of the most effective measures which you can take and to do it, reduce your consumption of sugar, cereals and potatoes is the priority. The elimination of food with high glycemic indexes is particularly important because they do stimulate most your insulin.

2. optimize your level of vitamin D
to maintain the amount between 50 and 70 ng/ml. The scientific proofs which testify of the fact that a deficiency of vitamin D plays a crucial role in the development of numerous diseases are overwhelming. At your personal level, you can decrease your risk simply by take in the sun all year long, but it is difficult in our countries with low level of period of sunshine. The use of an oral complement to vitamin D turns out often essential.

3. There is a clear link between exercise and health, in terms of the diseases you might get if you do not move properly. The physical activity hasn't got to be intense, quite the contrary, but it has be done at least 3 times a week, during 20 to 30 minutes, ideally, it would be good to sweat.

4. Increase your intake of animal and vegetable omega-3.  Research is most effective in the role they play for supple joints and a good immune system

5. Eat lots of vegetables, ideally fresh and organic.  Prefer the coloured ones an especially with green leaves as the ones from the cabbages, radishes and watercress who have very interesting anti-oxydan propreties.

6. Find your proper way to decrease your negativee feelings that risk to decrease your immmune system. Yoga, prayer, meditation, sophrology, cardiac coherence are one of the ways to promote the inner balance and well-being, but also health.

7. Keep your desired weight

8. sleep enough, with a good quality of night's rest

9. reduce your exposure to environmental toxines as pesticides, housekeeping chemicals, air fresheners, contaminated atmospheres as pollution, plastic toxins as bisphenol A...

10. Cook ideally by using steam cooking rather than frying cooking, boiled water...  Avoid absolutely barbecues

                                                                                                            Inspired from Santé Nature Innovation - letter of 06/04/2013

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