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Is burnout the evil of the century?

Concurence, competitiveness, efficiency, productivity, these are the key words of our modern society, with the obsession of profit.

The tragedy of modern man is his brain and nervous system did not change since the last 5000 years, and certainly not since the past two centuries. Everybody appreciates the modern way of communication, but forgets that these increase considerably mental pression on each individual.

Sacha Guitry already said in substance : "With the telephone, any person rings you as in the past, the master ringed his servant"...

Today, if you have some responsabilities, it is almost impossible to stay away from the numerous solicitations that come all at a sudden, and distract you from what you were doing, obliging yourself to think to a lot of things at the same time.  As this is not possible, you do forget half of them, this brings more stress, anxiety about making an error and an obscure feeling of guilt that finish to wear out your nervous system.

As long as you're young an in good health, you can cope more or less, but as soon you pass the age of 40 years, it becomes less and less tolerable. But in our society, one must work harder and for a longer period.

Therefore, it is mandatory to take care of moments we can relax, do some sport, and eat properly.

Also, using sometimes support of nutritional complents can help to go trough of thes "bad times" : "be-Lumex is made for these times" with no side effects and all natural.

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