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TC Alladin carafe gold-1,3L


TC Alladin carafe gold-1,3L

The mouth-blown carafes (which come in a variety of sizes) were designed in musical form first—then converted to shapes that interact with the forces of the universe. You can almost taste the harmony.

The cascading design of 6 sequential sections, with the volume of each section corresponding to one of the first 6 numbers of the universal Fibonacci sequence, aligns with the geometry found everywhere in nature. Revitalized water shows a 6-sided crystalline structure which corresponds to its increased level of energy and life force.

The TC carafe Alladin is the standard version in the range of TC carafes. The Alladin with the gold Flower-of-Life logo in the base has been one of the most popular for many years.

TTC incl. 63,00 €

Dietary supplements are not drugs and cannot substitute any medical treatment.

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